Industrial Liquid Monitoring

Reliable results with low cost of ownership

Industrial water multipoint analysis

The biggest industrial water plant in Finland, Kokkolan Teollisuusvesi Oy, purchased Optoseven’s FSA-CT1000 analyzer to support the control of purifying process and quality assurance of domestic water. Continuous multipoint sampling and measuring also supports the reliability of the purifying process of the water that is produced for Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP), which is the largest […]

Optimizing nitrogen removal from wastewater

Optimizing nitrogen removal from wastewater Optimizing biological nitrogen removal process by Optoseven FSA-CT1000 analyzer. Responsible and cost-effective wastewater treatment in Lahti. Ali-Juhakkala wastewater treatment plant Lahti Aqua group is responsible for 140,000 citizens’ water management in Lahti and Hollola. The operating range covers four wastewater treatment plants: in Lahti Ali-Juhakkala, Kariniemi and Nastola, and one […]

Case flotation process control

Optoseven FSA-CT1000 analyzer in wastewater treatment flotation process control and purified wastewater quality monitoring Ekokymppi, Municipal Waste Authority of Kainuu, Kajaani, Finland The Municipal Waste Authority of Kainuu operates throughout the Kainuu region and in the municipality of Vaala. The Majasaari waste center of the consortium is located in Kajaani and serves the needs of […]