Industrial Liquid Monitoring

Reliable results with low cost of ownership

Tailored Systems

The modular structure of the Optoseven FSA-CT1000  liquid analyzer allows for an easy path for customer based modifications. With the aid of our professionals, analyzers for the new applications can be developed fast and without major costs. Even single analyzers for niche applications are possible.

Customisation of the Analyzer

Custom systems may include for example, different wavelengths for measuring or even full spectrum measurement. Based on these signals, custom analysis methods can be generated and developed. As a standard Optoseven FSA-CT1000 liquid analyzer has 4-20mA signals for result output and other formats are possible on request.

With multipoint sampling different process points or process lines can be measured just with single Optoseven FSA-CT1000 analyzer unit. Sensors and signals from the external devices can also be connected to the analyzer.

Controlling of the process valves, feed pumps, etc. are possible to integrate to the Optosevens liquid analyzer on a small-scale systems. OEM analyzers are also an option.

Cooperation with Optoseven

Optoseven is willing to cooperate with the companies that design and develop new or update existing water treatment systems, -plants or other industrial equipment that need more reliable and comprehensive liquid measurement. Tailored systems can be produced for different kind of applications. Feel free to ask more from Optoseven experts.

Application note(s)