Industrial Liquid Monitoring

Reliable results with low cost of ownership


The state of the ecological welfare is everyone’s concern. Companies are increasingly acting in a responsible way because of public image and true concern. To bring our own contribution we offer reliable analyzers and help our customers to develop their processes in a more ecological direction.

Our background

Optoseven was founded in 2014 as a spin-off company from MIKES (Centre for Metrology and Accreditation) by seven professionals. Each founder has his own profession in terms of research, development, manufacturing, service, sales, marketing and management by experience of more than 20 years in industry. We have thorough knowledge of real-time industrial gas emissions monitoring industry. Innovations in gas analysis can be also applied in water analysis, which is still in many areas several years behind in technology level.

Our Vision

The Optoseven’s vision is to help the customers on their way to a less polluted green world. This is achieved by developing and manufacturing optical liquid analyzers that can be easily fitted for every application and budget. Identifying and measuring the fluid streams helps the customers to save the global resources and it finally leads to the profit savings. We are also foreseeing that regulations of effluent waste waters will soon expect continuous analysis as is the situation with gas emissions. This means that the whole process must be in full control, using reliable online monitoring.

Our Strategy

Low cost of ownership is the driving force of Optoseven’s analyzer development. The analyzers and measurement systems are designed to give reliable results 24/7/365 without manual maintenance and with only a minimal amount of consumables. New analyzer models are tested in a wide range of harsh applications before they are released to the markets.