Industrial Liquid Monitoring

Reliable results with low cost of ownership

Natural water

Waters of lakes and rivers are the most important global resources. They are often loaded with different industrial sectors, e.g. pulp & paper, chemical, marine, peat and agriculture. Municipalities and foundations are monitoring the status of the natural waters to secure the welfare of the ecological ecosystem in their region.


Optoseven FSA-CT1000 liquid analyzer may be used to continuously monitor the status of natural waters. It can measure multiple parameters, e.g. turbidity, chemical oxygen demand, chlorophyll-a or blue-green algae. In addition, other sensors, e.g. wind, rain, temperature, lightness and river flow can be connected to the analyzer to use it as a complete weather station. If the analyzer is installed in the weatherproof cabin, it may be used throughout the year. For the cleaning analyzer uses natural, biodegradable cleaning agent.